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A Relationship Improvement Program ​that Works with Your Schedule.

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Not Added Stress!

Family business and taxes

Many Couples Stop Going to Sessions ​Because They Are Just too Busy.

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Two Peoples’ Schedules!

Kids’ Extracurricular Activities!

Who Has Time?

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Getting to Counseling Should not Add

Stress to an Already Stressed Life.

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Do You Struggle

Feeling Seen or Heard?

Does Your Partner Turn Away When you ​Try to Connect with Them?

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If You Feel Like You Aren’t Being ​Heard, You Aren’t Alone.

The Gottman Couples Training Program can Help.

Do You and Your Partner

Struggle to Manage Conflict?

Do You Find Yourselves Running into ​Arguments You Just Can’t Seem to Get Out of?

You probably Already Know how ​Important Healthy Communication is ​but Communicating About Conflict ​Often Feels Like a Big Mystery.

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It doesn’t have to be.

Gottman’s 13 Module Program Covers ​Friendship, Intimacy, How You Manage ​Emotions and Conflict, & How You Share ​Your Values and Goals.

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On the fence on how to proceed?

Sometimes you just need some extra support ​getting through a difficult time, or some ​guidance navigating through a complicated ​situation.

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Either way, the Gottman Relationship ​Builder combined with an ​experienced relationship coach may ​help uncover the true potential of ​your relationship.

We will work together, blending the ​renowned Gottman Method’s

Relationship Builder Program the ​Relationship Checkup Assessment,

& EMDR Therapy.

My Name is Tim Ervin

Licensed Therapist

Board Certified Coach

Gottman Trained Couple’s Coach

EMDR Trained Therapist

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I offer a blend of at home training and ​virtual Coaching Sessions

(In Person Options)

using the Gottman Relationship ​Builder, The Relationship Checkup, and ​EMDR Therapy to help relationships ​grow, recover, and thrive.


Your journey will begin with the Relationship ​Checkup Assessment. This clinical tool consists of ​337 questions about friendship, intimacy, how well ​you know your partner,how you manage emotions ​and conflict, how you share your values and goals, ​and what gives meaning to your ​lives.

The Gottman Relationship Builder

The work then begins with the Gottman Relationship ​Builder & Personal Coaching. The Builder is a collection of ​exercises and videos designed to improve your relationship ​and to greatly minimize chances of relapse. Most of the ​work will be done at your convenience, at home or ​wherever you two choose to participate with this powerful, ​proven system of relationship growth.

13 modules that cover all facets ​of the Gottman Method: ​friendship, intimacy, how well ​you know your partner, how you ​manage emotions and conflict, ​how you share your values and ​goals, and what gives meaning to ​your lives.

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90 short and informative videos ​of Drs. John and Julie Gottman ​role-playing the the best ways to ​use your newfound skills (you do ​not have to watch all 90 videos, ​only the ones that are relevant to ​our work together)

Lovely Old Couple on the Beach

35 easy and fun ​exercises that you ​can do with your ​partner.

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Here is a sample of the

Gottman Relationship ​Model

As you and your partner work with the ​convenient online program I’ll be available ​for collaboration and coaching.

There will be options to meet in person, ​conference calls, and or Zoom.

I will be using an EMDR Therapeutic ​style that will address past wounds, ​from the relationship and from life in ​general.

Learn More About EMDR Therapy and ​Relationship Counseling.

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A short video describing EMDR ​Therapy and Relationship Counseling.

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